IP Tech is an exclusive distributer of XORCOM Ltd products. The company is located in the north of Israel, designs and manufactures Ip telephony solutions based on the Asterisk open source platform.

Xorcom’s products provide companies with numerous advanced communication features. All products can be easily installed on any communication platform (internet, Wi-Fi, cellular and more), simply maintained and are cost-effective.

The systems contains a unique management package, which is flexible to company changes, offering the ability to expand with no expensive upgrading costs or need for additional components.

Xorcom’s products have been internationally awarded over the past years, in categories including “Best On-site Product Launch”, “Best of Open Source”, to “Most Innovative Product”.

 Whether your business is a small office with a handful of workers or a multi-national company, Xorcom’s systems can meet your requirements from standard offices, to multi-site corporations, using analog and IP telephones.

Xorcom’s PBXs are available in various configurations, depending on the size, connectivity and communications requirements of your organization:

 SOHO CompletePBX – CXR1000 holds up to 20 concurrent calls

SMB CompletePBX – CXR2000 holds up to 60 concurrent calls

Enterprise CompletePBX – CXR3000 holds up to 300-480 concurrent calls

Additional products and interfaces developed by Xorcom:

  • TwinStar configuration is a bundled product, comprised of two module-less servers that have been optimized for use as a failover system.
  • Rapid Recovery – Backup Utility, provided on Disk-on-Key as an optional add-on.
  • Rapid PA – to provide public address functionality, and are also offered with I/O ports to support a wide array of peripheral devices.
  • PMS interface -integrating with hotels’ data network.

Working together with Xorcom’s expertise for over a decade provided us with knowledge and experience installing and maintaining Xoorcom’s IP PBX systems.

 Giving you the best solution to Streamline Your Office Communications.

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